Shaolin Culture is a traditional school of martial arts offering group lessons as well as personal one-to-one sessions in authentic kung fu and tai chi as well as weapons, sanshou (Chinese boxing) and qigong (a traditional meditative form of exercise) to men and women of all ages and children from the age of five. Chief Instructor Shifu Yang’s clear, step-by-step teaching technique allows students to discover the true essence of kung fu and tai chi and to quickly master even the most challenging forms of their chosen martial art. He finds the space between effort and effortlessness with simple and direct movements that mean students can use their energy efficiently and to ultimate effect. As a result our students lose weight quickly and enjoy a dramatic improvement in their overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

Shaolin Culture is not just a place for physical development; our classes will introduce you to Chinese culture and Zen philosophy too, aspects of which can help build confidence and impart greater inner strength. 

Shaolin Kung fu Classes in London and Bromley

And if you wish to extend your understanding of martial arts further, why not join one of our trips to China? Or if you’d prefer to stay closer to home, attend one of our many regular workshops in either London or Bromley? We invite highly respected, world-famous experts such as Master Chen Zheng Lei (19th Generation Grandmaster of Chen family), Master Wu Bin (world-renowned wushu coach and Jet Liʼs teacher/mentor, often referred to as father of modern wushu) as well as masters from the Shaolin Temple to these workshops, all of whom perform amazing demonstrations.

Shifu Yang Shaolin Temple China Classes in London