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HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR of the dog 2018

Wishing you all a very prosperous and healthy year ahead with blessing and fortune.

CLASSES will be CLOSED this THURSDAY 15th Feb 2018 due to us celebrating with our families and friends. 

From all of us



Shifu Yang and Arsenal stars Sanchez and Ozil try out Kung Fu (Video)

Shifu Yang and Shifu Heng Wei had the pleasure to teach some of the top Arsenal players to get them fighting fit for their up and coming China Tour in Beijing and Shanghai this summer 2017! 

The official Arsenal Football Club have released this clip of Sanchez, Ozil and Gabriel engaging in some basic Kung fu training techniques and showcasing their newly found skills with some good sense of fun to frown in! Enjoy.. S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E