Shifu Yang and Shifu Sandra Tai Chi Classes Bromley and London


Shifu Sandra has studied Chen Style Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Shaolin Culture since 2006 and, through years of dedicated training and guidance, she has developed solid practical skills in both forms and applications. Shifu Yang’s enthusiasm and teaching inspired her to study the theory behind these disciplines and she has gained a deep understanding of the internal aspects of these arts, the principles which underpin them and their profound links with Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Pursuing her passion, she became a Chen Tai Chi instructor within Shaolin Culture in November 2014 and now teaches old and new frame forms and sword for both health and martial proficiency. Alongside this, she incorporates Qi Gong, as a complementary practice for regulating breathing, mental focus and yin/yang balance, and meditation, to create an oasis of calm in a busy life.

Shifu Yang and Shifu Sandra Gold Medals Competition UK

During her visits to China, she trained in Chenjiagou, the birthplace of Chen Tai Chi, and with masters from the Shaolin Temple, studying traditional Shaolin Gong Fu and Qi Gong. Acquiring some of her skills personally from the Grandmasters, she is committed to keeping alive the traditional features and true spirit of the Chen style and teaches correct principles and techniques, focusing on precise body mechanics and cultivation of Qi (the intrinsic life energy within each one of us) to enable students to experience both the power and sensitivity within Tai Chi which otherwise often remain undiscovered. 

She has represented Shaolin Culture and been successful in several competitions, recently achieving gold medals for Tai Chi in the Shaolin European Festival. Her personal practice also includes Shaolin forms and weapons and she enjoys unravelling Chinese martial arts documentaries and listening to guqin music. 

Her aim is to demystify these internal arts and empower people to take control of their health and well-being, and feel confident in a fast-moving world. Her enthusiasm and patience will ensure you enjoy the journey.

Shaolin Culture Shifu Sandra Bromley Tai Chi Classes