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Born in Henan, China, Shifu Yang started his martial arts training when he was six years old. Two years later, he was accepted into the famous Shaolin Monastery where, after many years of hard training at the highest level, he acquired a knowledge of traditional Shaolin forms, self defense, weapons and meditation techniques that is second to none. He also became the disciple of his Holiness Shaolin Temple Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin (34th generation), and began teaching within the walls of the temple (as well as a variety of other schools) imparting his knowledge and skills to the Chinese and foreign students that came to learn there. He later trained in Chen-style tai chi learning directly from Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei and was a frequent visitor to the revered Chen Village, the birthplace of tai chi.

Shifu Yang Shaolin Temple China

In 2005 Shifu Yang travelled to the UK and established martial arts school Shaolin Culture in Bromley, London. His outstanding teaching techniques were quickly recognised by his students and the school now has a fantastic reputation within the local community. Through dedication and hard work Shaolin Culture has expanded to North London and continues to grow. To date over 900 students have walked through our doors, and the numbers just keeps getting bigger.

Shaolin Temple Shifu Yang