Tube Strike - No Thursday Classes

Unfortunately there is a tube strike on the Piccadilly Line tonight and we have decided to cancel our Islington Classes. But, we will be opening as per usual next week Thursday and hope you can join us then.. 

 Class Times Have Changed also and will now be

Kung fu 6 - 7.30pm

Tai Chi 7.30 - 9pm 

What a great opportunity to learn with Shifu Yang and for a good amount of time! Push yourselves and learn to achieve your goals.. 


S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E  

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Chinese Moon Festival, brings families together to celebrate the harvest under a full moon. The holiday is all about giving thanks, for nature’s abundance and for joyful reunions with loved ones.

Shifu and his family wish all of you blessings and hope you get to eat lots of mooncakes to celebrate this time with your family and friends.  

from all of us,





This evening will be our last class in Islington until our return from China with our students. We will REOPEN on 6th September 2018.

Saturday Tai Chi classes will remain OPEN over the summer from 12 - 1pm with Shifu Sandra, but all Kung fu classes will be CLOSED until our return on 8th September 2018 in Bromley South.

Hope you all have a great summer and we will see you once back with our students from our Trip to China 🇨🇳

S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E

We are open for Classes this week!

This week sees the return of all group classes with Shifu Yang. We will reopen on Thursday at our Islington location and then Saturday group classes in Bromley South. 

Teaching Shaolin Kung fu and Chen style Tai Chi to all students new and experienced.

Come along and join us then..

S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E 


Easter Dates of Opening - Group Classes Shaolin Culture

Group Classes this Saturday will be Closed for the Easter in Bromley. 

Please make note of our times and days as there will be NO Kung Fu classes open next Saturday 7th April 2018 in Bromley South but will be back the following week! Monday and Thursday classes are running as normal.!

Classes CLOSED

  • 31st March - Saturday Bromley - Easter Weekend
  • 7th April - Saturday Bromley - No Kung Fu classes (Tai Chi classes are running as normal)
  • All other classes are on as usual

Wishing you all a great Easter break and will see you back in classes shortly.

S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E

Trip to China 2018 with Shaolin Culture

we are organising a trip to China this coming summer. You will do some authentic training and explore all of the wonders of China including one of the great wonders of the world The Great Wall of China, Beijing, Wu Dang mountains and Kung fu, Lang Ya Mountains and it’s glass walking bridge (if you are feeling brave) and more... 

Our itinerary is still being decided and will be given to all once it’s finialised. The dates of the trip will be from 27th Jul - 11 Aug 2018. 

Included in this fantastic trip will be all accommodation, meals, transportation within China, training costs and admissions fees as well as having Shifu Yang and other masters accompanying you throughout your stay. 

Return flights, visas, and travel insurance is NOT included. Please make arrangements accordingly. 

If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity to travel to China with us then please contact us for more details. 



HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR of the dog 2018

Wishing you all a very prosperous and healthy year ahead with blessing and fortune.

CLASSES will be CLOSED this THURSDAY 15th Feb 2018 due to us celebrating with our families and friends. 

From all of us



Last Week of Classes!


Dear All,  

Our last classes for this year will be as follows:

London Islington 7th December 2017

Bromley South 9th December 2017  

Bromley South 11th December 2017 (Tai Chi Classes with Shifu Sandra)  

We will reopen in the New Year 2018 on the following times:

London Islington Thursday 11th January 2018 

Bromley South Saturday 13th January 2018 and 15th January 2018 (Tai Chi) 

We wish you the best of holidays and hope to see you for another New Year to come... 

From All of us

@S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E  




Happy Chinese Mid Autumn Festival 2017

To all of our students and friends,

This Wednesday 4th October 2017 we are celebrating the harvest festival held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar calendar month with a full moon at night!

Mooncakes (中秋节) will be eating on this occasion and family gatherings with friends coming together is common to celebrate the harvesting of crops and the moon at it's brightest and roundest on this day of the year (which represents family reunion) and therefore the most important meaning of this celebrated festival.

Happy Chinese Mid Autumn Festival to you all. 


          Chinese Mid Autumn Festival 2017

         Chinese Mid Autumn Festival 2017

All Group Classes are now open!

This week Shifu Yang will be back teaching group classes in Islington North London on Thursday - Kung fu and Tai chi classes and Saturday Kung fu classes in Bromley!  

Please check out our Group Classes for ALL class times and locations. 

Shifu Yang and Shifu Sandra are happy to welcome all students.

S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E 

Our Opening Times over Summer 2017

Shifu Yang would like to inform you all that our Kung Fu Classes will be CLOSED from 15th July in Bromley South Location. However, our Tai Chi Classes will still be running as usual over the summer with Shifu Sandra. 

Islington Classes will be also be CLOSED and will RE-OPEN on the 7th September and Bromley South Classes will resume 9th September. 

Wishing Everyone a great summer holiday and see you in September! 

S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E 

Shifu Yang and Arsenal stars Sanchez and Ozil try out Kung Fu (Video)

Shifu Yang and Shifu Heng Wei had the pleasure to teach some of the top Arsenal players to get them fighting fit for their up and coming China Tour in Beijing and Shanghai this summer 2017! 

The official Arsenal Football Club have released this clip of Sanchez, Ozil and Gabriel engaging in some basic Kung fu training techniques and showcasing their newly found skills with some good sense of fun to frown in! Enjoy.. S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E

Classes are Closed for Today - General Elections UK!

Dear Students,

Our Kung fu and Tai Chi Classes in Islington will be CLOSED today due to the countries General Elections and our centre will be used as a polling station.. 

Our Classes will resume as normal next week! See you then!

Shifu Yang - S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E