Trip to China 2018 with Shaolin Culture

we are organising a trip to China this coming summer. You will do some authentic training and explore all of the wonders of China including one of the great wonders of the world The Great Wall of China, Beijing, Wu Dang mountains and Kung fu, Lang Ya Mountains and it’s glass walking bridge (if you are feeling brave) and more... 

Our itinerary is still being decided and will be given to all once it’s finialised. The dates of the trip will be from 27th Jul - 11 Aug 2018. 

Included in this fantastic trip will be all accommodation, meals, transportation within China, training costs and admissions fees as well as having Shifu Yang and other masters accompanying you throughout your stay. 

Return flights, visas, and travel insurance is NOT included. Please make arrangements accordingly. 

If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity to travel to China with us then please contact us for more details.