HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR of the dog 2018

Wishing you all a very prosperous and healthy year ahead with blessing and fortune.

CLASSES will be CLOSED this THURSDAY 15th Feb 2018 due to us celebrating with our families and friends. 

From all of us



All Group Classes are now open!

This week Shifu Yang will be back teaching group classes in Islington North London on Thursday - Kung fu and Tai chi classes and Saturday Kung fu classes in Bromley!  

Please check out our Group Classes for ALL class times and locations. 

Shifu Yang and Shifu Sandra are happy to welcome all students.

S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E 

Classes are Closed for Today - General Elections UK!

Dear Students,

Our Kung fu and Tai Chi Classes in Islington will be CLOSED today due to the countries General Elections and our centre will be used as a polling station.. 

Our Classes will resume as normal next week! See you then!

Shifu Yang - S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E

Chinese New Year 2017 Fire Rooster!

We wish all our students and friends a very happy New Year to come for 2017! 

Every 12 Years there is a Rooster year, beginning at Chinese New Year. As we have 12 animals to represent the zodiac years we also have 5 elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Earth and Fire.

As this year 2017 is Fire and the Zodiac Animal is Rooster anyone born on this year will be a Fire Rooster and this Element/Sign combinations recur every 60 years! So a special Happy New Year to you all born on 1957 and 2017!

Wishing you all a prosperous year to come from Shifu Yang, Shifu Sandra and Shifu Heng Ren

S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E  T E A M


Shaolin Kung fu Classes in London

Shaolin Culture is now on Instagram!

Social Media UPDATE.. We are now on Instragram! 

Come and follow us for inspiration, photos and short clips of videos of our Shifu's demonstrating Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung fu. We will be also posting  more articles and useful information regarding Health, Fitness, Shaolin Culture, Tai Chi and wellbeing. 

Thank you! 

S H A O L I N  C U L T U R E 

Shaolin Temple China - Shifu Yang 

Shaolin Temple China - Shifu Yang